Friendly, helpful team to kit you out as quickly and enjoyably as possible to get your holiday off on the right foot!

– has followed in his dad’s footsteps, after studying Engineering, is working chez Dallara in Italy – Tom does everything fast – lives in the fast lane – downhill mountain biking, (Junior downhill champion), speed skiing, motocross, super keen on cars and bikes, and indeed is the current British Speed Skiing Record Holder at over 202 kph! Is also the only Brit to have twice won the prestigious Robert Blanc Derby (downhill ski race 6 km long, depart ‘en masse’ at 2600 metres!). Also won the Trace de Vaugel ski touring race. As laid back as the Italians, absolutely loves the lifestyle in Parma, and the food!


– mad keen on sports since as long as she can remember, has competed in a number of races in skiing, gymnastics, athletics and mountain biking (with her brother, of course!) Still competes in running events till this day, loves pilates and “British Military Fitness” (don’t ask!) Studied International Management with French and German at Uni in Edinburgh and Grenoble and wants to work in sports event management (Seb Coe, eat your heart out!!) or sports development. Currently doing a Masters in sports management at Edinburgh Uni. She teaches skiing in her holidays for Arc Aventures in Arc 1800. Always smiling and happy, she is super organised and more than happy to lend a hand when necessary, in 4 languages (and give Mummy French lessons!!)


– or Dad – with a background of motor racing, being a fully qualified engineer, ate, slept and lived motor racing! Worked with Jim Clark, then Jackie Stewart, progressing through the ranks to team manager in sports cars and formulae, F1 no less! Has done at least 15 Le Mans! Has nurtured the careers of many well known drivers, like Tiff Needell, Ian Flux, Will Hoy, Steve Soper, David Leslie, Martin Schanche, Bryce Wilson, Bobby Rahal, Sir John Whitmore, Hans Stuck, Almo Capelli, Giovanni Lavaggi, Patrick Neve, to name but a few. Will be happy to ‘talk cars’ whilst fitting you out. Participates in historic rallies in an Alfa. He’s team manager extraordinaire – what the boss says, goes! “Beware grumpy Scot at work” Victor Meldrew eat your heart out.



– Mum – will greet you with a smile! Born and brought up in London, father was chairman and managing director of the family firm Beckett, Laycock and Watkinson, of ‘Beclawat’ windows and sliding doors, travelled a lot, worked for Radbourne Racing Ltd. the Fiat dealers in London and England’s oldest racing driver – Tom Delaney. Ex Doghouse Cabaret ‘girl’, (performed at the London Hilton, Park Lane!) fitness fanatic, loves going for a sneaky wee ski at lunchtime, deals with everything, paperwork, etc, full of enthusiasm and always smiling – still learning French! Full of local knowledge!


– the latest addition to the family, our adorable Belgian bred Cocker Spaniel, following the death of our old friend Spot, always had one trick or another up her sleeve to make the clients laugh!