Scott Aztec

One of the very best, most versatile skis ever made. Scott are American and this is a fantastic ski for on and off piste for skiers looking for performance on all terrains. Twin tip.

Scott Fire

For those skiers looking for all round performance – this is an all terrain, mainly on piste ski.

Scott RC8

A superb ski for the athletic skier seeking performance and value – voted  ‘Best in Test’ Award for their on-piste Advanced Category by the Daily Mail

Scott RC Smartrak

RC smarttrak
All Scott RC series are great skis, carefully chosen by us for our clients to give them a terrific time on the mountains, no matter what the terrain, mainly on-piste.

Scott RCX8

An ideal ski for those skiers looking for confidence, ideal for all abilities.

Scott Wind

The perfect off piste ski for someone looking for performance on-piste – an all condition sport carving ski – 90% offpiste and 10% on piste.

Dynamic VR17

A terrific ‘dynamic’ all round performance ski – mainly on piste – a truly versatile ski. To quote Dynamic, extraordinary design, advanced technology from racers to all-rounders, from new school skiers to back country skiers, Dynamic skis are the answer!

Elan Mag series

Whatever the snow condition or slope inclination, with the Elan Mag series, skiing is a piece of cake! And as pleasurable too, with its easy to handle, versatile and forgiving nature, designed to please beginners to advanced recreational skiers. Elan skis are again among the top manufacturers with the main emphasis on functionality. Their passion is to provide an excellent and top performing ski for all types of skiers.

Movement Earth

Swiss made, so a quality ski, designed for the discerning skier, a superb all round ski, perfect for good skiers demanding that little bit extra.

Volkl Unlimited

This is an all-conditions ski for skiers of any ability. A fancy looking ski that you will love!